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The art of the shoot lies in the life that you and I bring to it.

Invite me into your life. I'd be most honored! Allow me to photograph a special series of moments. Let's celebrate things like love, new life, corporate success, an upcoming graduation, family traditions, holidays, and milestones. I can work within the framework of your occasion, or we can create images for a specific purpose. 

You get the freedom to just be. Be yourself.  With a mix of conversation & quietness, real life happenings and a little self-deprecating humor by yours truly, memories will be made. I'm honored to bring 100% of my heart and expertise to each and every shoot, so that each capture that is delivered to you is authentic, real and loved. These memories will go on to be shared with family, friends, and future generations in the form of photographs. 

Photography is about harnessing the light. I'm here to capture your life in the best light—the beautiful light of you.

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